How it Works

We’re ready to share the secret to maximum power and accuracy in your golf swing. With so many training aids on the market, the LagMaster outshines due to its unique and innovative design. Created to promote a delayed release of the clubhead, which is the key to developing a consistent and powerful swing. 

The key feature of the LagMaster is how easy it is to attach to your own club. Featuring a small clamp that attaches to the club shaft, allowing for adjustments in order to change the angle of the LagMaster. This adjustment, in turn, changes the timing of the release of the clubhead. Golfers can customize their swing and target specific swing faults, resulting in quick and easy results for a more meaningful swing.

Common Faults Addressed With The LagMaster:

Eliminates Chicken Wing: The LagMaster helps to eliminate the common swing fault known as the chicken wing, where the lead elbow bends and the wrist flips at impact. This fault can lead to a loss of power and accuracy. Using the LagMaster promotes a proper release of the clubhead, eliminating the chicken wing and producing a more powerful, consistent swing.

Corrects Over the Top Swinging: Over the top swinging is a common swing fault where the club is brought over the top of the swing plane, resulting in a steep, outside-in swing path. This fault leads to slices and pulls, and a loss of distance. Attaching the LagMaster to your club promotes an inside-out swing path, eliminating improper alignments.

Prevents Early Release: Ever experience your clubhead being released too early in the swing? This common swing fault is known as “casting” or an “early release”, which results in a loss of power and accuracy. By feeling the proper position required at the top of your backswing, the body sequence of your downswing is corrected. In turn this ensures that maximum power is generated at impact.

Prevents Pulling Down: Pulling down happens when the player pulls the club down with their hands, rather than using the body to initiate the downswing. This leads to a loss of precision and control. Promoting a proper swing sequence, where the hands and arms lead the clubhead through impact, produces a more dynamic, accurate shot.

Corrects Bent Elbow: A bent elbow can be a sign of an incorrect swing sequence, where the golfer relies too much on their arms to generate power. A bent elbow can limit this transfer of energy, leading to a loss of distance and accuracy. When this is corrected, the golfer can then transfer more energy into the club and generate more clubhead speed.

The versatility of the LagMaster makes it a revolutionary training aid that helps golfers to develop a consistent and powerful swing. Because it eliminates common swing faults and promotes a proper swing sequence, it has become the new essential tool for any level golfer to truly conquer your swing.