The fast & easy way to a meaningfully better swing

Tour players’ biggest secret can now be yours.


The fast & easy way to a meaningfully better swing

Tour players’ biggest secret can now be yours.

Struggling to your improve your golf game?

A guide you can trust

The LagMaster was developed after 25000+ golf lessons and over 20 years experience.  The Team at LagMaster understands what a challenge it can be for golfers to improve their technique. The team shares the passion for guiding golfers to discover a transformational change to their swing.

Make this Tour Secret yours.

LagMaster promotes imprints to the motor memory for the proper downswing sequence producing more lag in the down swing.  Every great player created and sustained lag in their down stroke.  Now so can you!  The result is a swing that creates more speed, greater consistency, and better contact.

Lab Data proves that LagMaster works.

We have over 500 golfers who have tested LagMaster and seen significant improvements with it. And we are just getting started.

More Power

Golfers averaged an increase of club head speed of 5+ mph equally more than 10 yards.

More Distance

Our average male golfer added 25 yards to their drive. Our average female golfer added 19 yards.

Truer Ball Strikes

Our golfers improved the low point by the average of 2 inches forward and improved centerness of contact.

Lag Satisfaction

The Team at LagMaster wants you to exceed your expectations. We are offering a 30 free trial of the LagMaster training program with every purchase.

Transform YOUR Swing

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