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The fast & easy way
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better golf swing

Tour players’ biggest secret can now be yours.

Struggling with complicated
advice about how to improve your swing?

Person Swinging
Person Swinging

A guide you can trust

The LagMaster was developed from insights gleaned through 25,000+ golf lessons and over 20 years of teaching. We understand how challenging it can be for golfers to improve their technique. The team at LagMaster shares a passion for guiding golfers to discover meaningful improvements.

A proven solution

LagMaster imprints Motor Memory for a better swing to the brain. It positions you and sequences your downswing to allow you to produce a more consistent shot. The result is a swing that creates more speed, more power, greater consistency, and better contact.

Person Swinging

Get better,


LagMaster is designed to help with your unique swing, meaningfully improving it and increasing your ability to repeat it under pressure.

Low mid or high


LagMaster can help every golfer (from adult to junior, recreational to professional) improve body awareness, movement patterns, and swing sequence.

Same swing problem

for years?

Not sure if you can fix your swing faults? You will see a dramatic difference in distance, contact, and consistency after using LagMaster.

Hear it from happy users

See what golfers are saying about LagMaster. The proof is in their swings.

Learning the proper swing when beginning to play golf is very complicated. You have this checklist of steps going through your mind – to ensure you actually hit the ball.  But if you don’t get your backswing down – you end up casting or having a “chicken wing”.  Using the LagMaster for the first time made it simple to feel what a proper backswing should be – thus helping bring the club down in the correct position.  It certainly helped eliminate a few of the steps in my mental checklist …. But more importantly I now have the back swing swing down (and no more chicken wing).

– Mona M. Beginning Golfer

The lag master can help solve many problems and for me it got my shoulders moving more at a tilt then around and flat. Since having used it my ball striking is much better and my scores keep dropping.

– Fred F. 10hcp

I always have always struggled with casting/releasing early in my down swing. When I used the LagMaster for the first time, it gave me a feeling in my down swing that was very different from my normal swing. My contact instantly improved, trajectory was higher and the ball started drawing more consistently.  I would recommend the LagMaster to anyone who struggles with consistent contact.

– Eric D. 6hcp

Complexity is your enemy.
Our simple solution will transform your game.

For the cost of a single round of golf, the LagMaster will allow you to discover the swing that will make your friends jealous. Add your name to the waitlist and be one of the first to try it.