The LagMaster is designed to assist the golfer to recognize and feel the proper position needed at the top of the back swing to promote the correct sequence of the body, arms, and clubs in the downswing.  Providing the golfer with the proper sequence in the downswing, the LagMaster helps fix lengths of swings, casting, hitting behind the ball, topping the ball, “lifting your head”, and the dreaded chicken wing.

LagMaster with its adjustable tube provides every golfer, from junior to adult, recreational to professional, the opportunity to improve their body awareness, movement patterns, and swing sequence. It has helped players of all ability levels to hit the ball meaningfully better. It works on any size grip and can be placed on a right handed or left handed golf club.

There are many great training aids on the market that are indeed quite helpful. Some are  easy to use, but many cannot be applied to your own club. This is a key feature that sets LagMaster apart from so many swing aids. It’s simple to attach to your own club to provide incredible feedback when you make the proper swing.

Since the LagMaster can be attached to your own club, many people think it’s just for hitting balls while attached.  We suggest slow, purposeful practice swings without hitting mixed with hitting shots for the best results. 

The use of technology has gotten so good in golf, but the average handicap is still the same as 25 years ago. Why? Because the golfer becomes overwhelmed or even more confused. Many get bogged down with too many complex thoughts running through their mind without any chance to take their game to the course. The beauty of LagMaster is that it makes the most misunderstood movement in the golf swing simple to incorporate for any level golfer.  Helping to create the proper movement necessary to hit a ball meaningfully better, without all of the overthinking.

There are many training aids on the market. Some are indeed quite helpful. Others can actually do damage to your swing. Of the ones that are helpful, most are not easy to use, nor can you apply them to your own club. This is a key feature that sets LagMaster apart from so many swing aids.  It’s simple to attach to your own club and provides incredibly accurate feedback when you hit the ball.

No, the LagMaster is going to help you with every type of shot.  For any swing that requires correct sequence, you will see a dramatic improvement in contact, power, consistency, and direction.

When you repeat a motion multiple times, that movement pattern slowly begins to build a pathway in your mind, causing the brain to coat the relevant nerve fibres with something called Myelin Sheath (kind of like a rubber coating around electrical wires). This coating allows the signals to be passed at a much faster rate than through conscious thought. Tiger Woods would do this when learning a new motor pattern by hitting only thirty balls in a two-hour time span, repeating the movement in slow-motion. Through this slow, repetitive action, he would learn and ingrain the position, the movement, and most importantly, the FEEL. That’s an example of how Motor Memory works.

Golfers from beginners to PGA Professionals have found a variety of benefits from using the LagMaster in their practice routines.

We are currently taking pre-orders with the goal of shipping your LagMaster by early Spring 2023.

What Golfers Say

Over 500 Golfers have tried LagMaster and have seen transformation results.  Here are just a few comments from our heroes.  

Rod - 3 hcp Designation

I had a great practice swing, but couldn't recreate it in a real swing over the ball. When I started using LagMaster, my shots were higher, went farther, and it felt simple. I found the feeling I'd been trying to create for years in minutes.

Steve - 15hcp Designation

In just FOUR swings, the LagMaster truly gave me the feel of the "magic move" that great players must feel in their swings. I always thought my left hand was suppose to pull the club down. LagMaster instantly showed me that is incorrect.

Eric - 6hcp Designation

I have always struggled with casting in the down swing. When I used LagMaster for the first time, the feeling it gave me was very different from my normal swing. I started to make a proper divot and consistent contact.

Adisa - 8hcp Designation

The LagMaster helped me get into a position in my down swing that I couldn't create on my own. I tended to throw my arms from the top leading to inconsistent contact and lots of cursing. The Lagmaster guided me into a more core-driven downswing and helped me feel the "slot" feel everyone is striving for.

Mona - Recreational Designation

Learning the proper swing when beginning golf is very complicated. You have a huge checklist in your head and then you have to swing. Using the LagMaster for made it simple to feel the proper back swing and certainly changed the feel in the down swing from what I thought was correct. AND I officially got rid of my dreaded chick wing!

Bernie - 12hcp Designation

I've been fighting a long back swing and steep down swing for 30 years. The LagMaster cured it in 3-4 swings. The LagMaster guides you to instant feedback and literally "forces" you to make a proper back swing on plane. Best training aid I've ever used!

Matt - 18hcp Designation

The LagMaster gave me crucial feeling of how the downswing really starts. It was like a lightbulb went on and I felt how the down swing should start correctly. The instant feedback blew my mind.

Anthony - 14hcp Designation

I've taken lessons for years and have always been told I needed to fix my cast/early release in my down swing to improve my contact and distance. I was never able to find a method to change my down swing until LagMaster. It instantly stopped my casting and corrected my path within a couple swings.

Tom - Recreational Designation

I have always wanted to hit the ball better, but I don't have much time to work on my swing. When I first tried LagMaster, I was amazed how quickly it changed my entire swing. I started making a divot which I never did before and the feel of contact was amazing. I was amazed in how much higher and farther the ball went with little effort on my part.

Sam - PGA Mini Tour Designation

I constantly struggle with awareness of my back swing and I can't always have a set of eyes watching me. LagMaster gave me instant feedback when I made the proper back stroke. It's like having my instructor with me on the range, in the family room, or any where I have time to practice.

Brent - Teaching Pro Designation

Using the LagMaster in my lessons is a game changer to provide feedback and feels to the student in a quick and simple way. I would recommend the LagMaster to anyone interested changing their swing fast and easily.